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How to get the best out of your organiser

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So you’ve got an organiser (or you’re thinking about getting one), and you want to learn what the different sections are for … Here’s a run through of what you will find inside and suggestions about how you can use it. Of course this is just a guide – a key objective is that the format is highly customisable and fits around how you like to structure things. I would encourage you to experiment and figure out what works best for you …

  1. There’s a bookplate and an introductory section for you to add contents to your notebook.
  2. Each page has a space at the bottom outer edge for you to add page numbers if you wish.
  3. There are a variety of free-text coloured sections and paper types (lined, squared, dot matrix and plain) for you to keep your notes and jottings. My current favourite is the plain, closely followed by the dot matrix. There are paper top ups available which I’m happy to provide in a single/ specific paper formats. Just drop me a line if you have a specific request and I’ll do my best to accommodate.
  4. For each of these coloured sections there’s a coordinating yarn sample page. The card is scored, so it folds in on itself. This means that any yarn attached gets tucked away, and stays neat and tidy.
  • There are a year’s worth of compact perpetual calendar pages. There’s a page for each month, and a small shaded box for each day. I keep mine for yarn related plans - zoom calls with my knitting friends, knit-alongs or Instagram challenges I’m involved in, or virtual yarn events I’m joining. But I know other people add in family birthdays and other important reminders so everything is in one place.
  • There are dividers to separate different sections. In the printed folder these are tabbed, with a small space to label and index them; in the cloth organiser they are in a heavier card so the size remains compact.
  • A colour wheel is included for some inspiration. Perhaps you’re weighing up deciding between yarn choices for a colour work project, or choosing the perfectly contrasting skeins to add to your shopping basket … I do love a colour wheel and I keep one on my shelves, just above my desk.
  • There’s a measuring page to quickly check hook or needle size when you’re on the go, and a ruler for quick sizing checks. There’s centimetres on the front and inches on the reverse, at the request of some of my US customers ….
  • Plastic pockets provide perfect storage for any odds and ends you want to keep safe – from yarn labels to business cards from your favourite makers, designers or dyers, patterns or fliers.
  • There’s a more structured section for various types of notes. These include monthly crafting goals, reminders + achievements, space for capturing your wish list of yarns, projects + accessories, to-do items, things to check out (websites, books, podcasts) and your all-important yarn inventory!
  • There are labels to cut off and attach to tension squares to keep track of what tools and materials you used.

As always, I’d love to see and hear how you use yours! If you’re an Instagram user, please do to tag me (@popcornandcrocodiles) if you share any photos, and use the hashtags #adventuresinyarnorganiser and #popcornandcrocodiles so we can share ideas and inspiration.

Is there anything you’re unsure about? Is there anything you would love to see included? Do drop me a line if you have any questions about your organiser and how you can get the most out of it, if there’s something I haven’t mentioned. I always love to hear from fellow yarn + stationery enthusiasts!

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